Trade Bulk Pokemon Cards for Store Credit

Trade your bulk Pokémon cards for sealed products or store credit with us.

Current Trade Rates

Energy - £3 per 1000

Trainers - 1p / £10 per 1000

U/Commons - 2p / £20 per 1000

Rares - 3p / £30 per 1000

Reverse Holo - 6p / £60 per 1000

Holo - 8p / £80 per 1000

Jumbos - 50p

EX / V / GX / TG / IR - 60p

VMAX / VSTAR - 75p

Full Art - £1.50 (Not accepting paldean fates trainers full arts)


Code Cards - £5 per 1000

Dice / Damage - Not currently accepting

Coins - 10p

Mini Tins - 30p

Pin Badges - Not currently accepting

Sleeve Packs - Not currently accepting


Cards MUST be sorted by type e.g - Energy / Trainer / Commons / Holo Etc wrapped in clingfilm in bundles of 100’s, any odd amounts please write amount of cards on the bundle. Cards must be near mint / mint / pack fresh condition (Minimal whitening, no creases or damage)

No Japanese or any other languages.

Currently only accepting cards for trade.

Trades are for anything on the website, there’s no point system or trade section,  can exchange for anything at same price shown, etb, bb, tin, collection box, binder, acrylics etc.

Trades -

You send cards at your expense, I receive and check and send items at my expense, the value will be issued as store credit for you to use at checkout on the website, please make an account as soon as bulk has been sent. As long as cards are sorted as per the instructions credit will be issued within 1 day of cards being received.

Please send us an email or social media message in advance letting us know totals of what your sending, and also include a note inside box with name, totals & email address.

Shipping Address:-

1 More Go Gaming Ltd

7 The Cedars



NR29 5RG


Feel free to email / message with any questions.